Mickey thought he was done with high school. But high school followed him home.

HOMESCHOOLED is an online sitcom in the vein of ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Saved by the Bell!’ After getting himself expelled from high school, a delinquent teenager discovers that all the things that he hated about high school followed him home.

The show is a high school comedy with the archetypal high school roles played by family members. There’s a bully, a nerd, a queen bee, a punk, a strict teacher, and even a dick principal- all under the same roof.

Production Notes:

Homeschooled was made by a group of recent college graduates aspiring to break into the entertainment industry. The series was created to showcase everyone’s incredible talents. The Season 1 shoot lasted five days and took place entirely in one house in Los Angeles. Because of the strength of the material and high quality of the production, most of the cast and crew donated their time, thus keeping the budget incredibly low for a production of this size.

The show was created, written, directed, and co-produced by Matthew Morgenthaler. Matthew is a graduate of NYU Tisch’s Kanbar Institute film production program and resides in Los Angeles. Previous work include two award winning short films and multiple producing credits for a variety of films, television, and viral projects.

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  • Director/ Writer: Matthew Morgenthaler
  • Producer: Maura Kelly, Kellye Carnahan, Matthew Morgenthaler
  • Director of Photography: Olivia Kuan
  • Editor: Matt MacDonald
  • Sound Editor & Mixer: Hudson Handel
  • Composer: Dan Ashby
  • Animation: Mark Robinson
  • Casting Director: Elizabeth Brown
  • First Asst Director: Ben Poppel
  • 2nd Asst Director: Taryn Newton
  • 2nd 2nd Asst Director: Ellen Drosdick
  • Unit Production Manager: Brittany Sandler
  • Script Supervisor: Erin Grumley
  • Production Designer: Alicia Minette
  • Set Decorator: Jean Kimber
  • Costume Designer/Pre-Production Art Director: Rachel Brownlee
  • Costume Designer: Yanira Tree
  • Costume Assistant: Lee Simpson
  • First Asst Camera: Jason Ramsey
  • Digital Assistant: Darin Eppich
  • Sound Mixer: Nick Rumancik
  • Gaffer: Lianto Poedijono
  • Key Grip: Thom Newell
  • Grip: Casey Sawyer
  • Best Electric: April Keltner
  • Production Assistants: Jeff Sadden, Omar Najam, Sloane Skala, Ricki Sofer, Kyle Valenzuela