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EnterBRAINment reviews Homeschooled

The Web Series Observer does a better job writing about our series than we do. He nails what the show is all about. And he gives Homeschooled a glowing review, which is always nice. “Homeschooled is an amusing concoction of the John Hughes collection. A simpler time for entertainment of this nature, inspiring this comparatively simple concept for a web series. I must stress that I do not use the word simple in a negative fashion. Homeschooled is refreshing in its humble approach to tell a comedic story complete with an eccentric cast of characters.” Aw shucks.

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Homeschooled is on KOLDCAST.TV

We’ve been picked up by KoldcastTV, one of the internet’s leading Web TV portals. We’re super pumped about this partnership, they’ve been great folks to work with. And how about that, we’re currently featured front and center on the homepage! Not only is this a great opportunity for Homeschooled, but it also gave us an opportunity to add some new music to the episodes! Yet another reason to revisit your favorite episode.

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Homeschooled is on BLIP.TV

Homeschooled is currently being featured on the homepage of a site dedicated to “discovering the best in original web series.” It’s a great looking page and worth a look even if you have already watched our episodes once, twice, or a hundred times!

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‘Those Video Guys’ do a video review of Homeschooled!

And guess what… they really enjoyed it! They specifically mention Franklin Killian’s grounding performance, and the excellent production value. And who knew incest could be a major selling point? Watch their review on Youtube starting at 9:00 here!

Episode 6: “The Missing Stash” online now!!!

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Mickey’s come a long way over the course of the season. Will he finally confront his feelings for Dulce, the housekeeper? Will he put an end to Juan, the gardener’s reign of terror? Will Audrey revolutionize winter swimsuit fashion? Or just freeze to death? Bundle up and barrel into this episode. This season finale rolls deep.

Episode 5 “Mickey vs. Ed vs. the SAT” is online now!!!

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Mickey and Ed and a certain shitty standardized test go head to head to head in this one. And Ed’s utterance of a certain two-word sex act in this episode is simply… inspiring. Wanna be the very best? Watch it now, comment, like, and tell the other kids on the playground what you heard.

Episode 4 “So Wrong, But So Right” is online now!!!

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This is the sexy episode. It’s all about Audrey, Mickey’s uh… liberal stepsister.

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Episode 3 “Ready, Willing and Abel” online NOW!!!

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This episode revolving around Mickey’s little know-it-all ten year old genius brother Abel is not to be missed. Jacob Bertrand’s performance as Abel is award-worthy.

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Watch it on the Episodes page or at

This episode will have you lolololololololololololololol all the way home. Meet Juan the big, jerk gardener and Dulce, the mysterious housekeeper.
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