Mickey is a 17-year old with little ambition, and a lot of cynicism. He just likes to hang out, smoke pot, and play Xbox. He has a vague dream about being a video game designer, but for now it is just an excuse he uses when his stepdad says he plays too many video games. He has not yet figured out who he is and how he fits into the world. He is awkward, he often feels sorry for himself, and he likes to blame the world for his problems. Mickey is supremely disappointed when he realizes he is just as much of a loser in homeschool as he was in his old high school. It is clear that no matter where he goes, he can’t escape the problems that go hand-in-hand with growing up.
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Aubrey is Mickey’s slutty stepsister, and the “queen bee” character of the house. She is a rising tennis star and she is homeschooled in order to focus on her flourishing career. She is hot and knows it. Audrey gets what she wants, having mastered the one-two punch of flirting then leveling with cruelty. Many boys have crumpled at her feet. However, underneath the alpha female exterior is an insecure little girl. She flaunts her body and promiscuousness in front of Mickey all the time. It is her sick way of torturing him.
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Abel is Mickey’s 10-year old boy genius little brother, and the “nerd” of the house. He has been homeschooled all his life, and is already taking the SATs and applying to colleges. He has a million afterschool activities. Abel is amazing at guitar, calculus, collecting Silly Bandz® and just about everything- except handball and finger-painting.
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Jeannie is Mickey and Abel’s mother, and the “teacher” character in the house. She taught twenty years of kindergarten and likes to teach high school subjects through illustrated text books whenever possible. Mickey’s “failure” deeply bothers her, and she has taken it upon herself to “cure” him through constant nagging, discipline, and therapy sessions (which she feels qualified to give since she long ago majored in child psychology). She often treats herself to massages, manicures, and spa retreats for being such a “selfless, hardworking mom.” She is very proud of her son Abel and her stepdaughter Audrey. Not so much of Mickey.
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Ed is Mickey’s stepfather, and the “principal” figure in the house. He is a fierce, foul-mouthed old timer. Despite his age, he is still very virile and acts a little too touchy-feely with Jeannie when the rest of the family is around. Ed and Mickey are always at odds. Ed has little patience for Mickey’s antics. He sees Mickey as a worthless screw-up and nothing more. Ed loves to remind Mickey that he is banging his mom.
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Juan is the gardener and the “bully.” He is an ex-addict, but now only gets high on being the best Outdoor Landscaper he can possibly be! He is a brutish ogre who considers the backyard his “turf” and doesn’t take kindly to anyone who enters his domain. He has a bizarre affinity for arts-and-crafts and the backyard is littered with his crappy artwork. Juan also has a weakness for younger women, including Audrey and his second cousin, Dulce.
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The housekeeper… and a bit of a mystery. Dulce is dark, quiet, and into hardcore punk. She probably hates everyone in the house… but then again, we don’t really know. She is constantly thwarting the advances of her second cousin Juan. Mickey has a crush on her. But don’t tell anyone I told you that, ok?!
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