Season 1!

Episode 5: Mickey vs. Ed vs. the SAT


Mickey must score well on the SATs to win back the love of his life- his Xbox.

Episode 6: The Missing Stash (the season finale!)


Mickey’s missing weed leads him to a secret about the housekeeper.

Episode 4: So Wrong, But So Right


Mickey must resist the temptation of his promiscuous stepsister.

Episode 3: Ready, Willing and Abel


Mickey’s little brother is better than him at everything and it pisses him off.

Episode 2: The Bully


Mickey meets the mysterious housekeeper and finds out the hard way that the backyard is the domain of a sadistic gardener.

Episode 1: Homeschool Sucks


Freshly expelled, Mickey starts his first day of Homeschool with unrealistically high hopes.